Our projects

This our current and future projects. Products will be available for sale in our shop or at designated distributors sales platform.  

Current projects on sale


CNC milled candleholder in solid brass. Limited edition of 100 pieces in first edition. All pieces are numbered and have a qr-code for certificate of authenticity in the bottom of the candleholder.
Dimensions : height 60 mm, diameter 75 mm.

First 10 pieces are on sale at Catawiki.com soon! Stay tuned!

Future projects

Brass coasters in wallnut case

4-5 brass coasters incased in polished walnut box

Not available for sale

Fluted brass lamp

Lampshade cut from brass pipe, fitted with LED-light.

Not available for sale

Fluted brass plate

Fluted brass plate cut from a 10 mm thick brass plate.

Not available for sale

Brass urn

Large CNC milled brass urn.

Not available for sale